Flight Reservation System, Airline Reservation System, Online Flight Booking Script

Airline Reservation System, Flight Reservation System, Online Flight Booking Script

we are provides online flight booking script, Airline Reservation System, Flight Reservation System

Become an Agent

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Becoming an agent @ busbooking is simple & easy. By registering as an agent, you will experience the all new features which will make your job simple without constant personal intervention.

Advantages @ Bus booking:

1. My Profile: This feature allows to access/update your complete information at any time. Also you will have an option to upload your own logo. This information i.e. Agency Information & Logo will be displayed in the eTicket of the customer and the SMS sent to customer will also have your Name & Contact info. This will help in creating your own brand with customers through busbooking

2. Search/Cancel: Just by using the operator/ETS PNR number, you will be able to search for bookings and if required cancel them with just 1 simple step.

3. Funds Recharge: Enjoy hassle free recharge with multiple flexible options:

  1. Instant Recharge: Recharge instantly by using Debit/Credit cards or through Net Banking.
  2. Cash/Cheque Deposit/Online Transfer: Deposit cash /cheque or initiate an online transfer in our account or through your nearest bank branch and just send across a confirmation details. Once we receive the credit, your balance will be immediately updated.

4. Payment Report: This feature allows you to refer to the past payments made at any time.

5. Booking/Cancellation Report: Booking/Cancellation report is a comprehensive option that will empower you to look at all the bookings/cancellations made for a particular period. This will enable you to have better track of all bookings/cancellations made either by you or by your sub-agents with complete information on commissions, etc.

6. Change Password: eTravelSmart ensures high level of security and you can ensure better security by changing password at any time.

Sub-Agent Features:

Once you become an agent @ bus booking, you will have the unique option of creating sub-agents on whom you will have full control. Even if you have multiple booking locations/multiple people working under you, you can create separate logins for enabling bookings through them. Any booking done by your sub-agents, you will receive notification through SMS and all their bookings can be viewed in the Booking Reports option/in Dashboard for better understanding. As like agents, sub-agents can also have their Contact Information which will be displayed in customers eTicket and also SMS received by customers will also have this information. Sub-Agents can also have accessibility to search/cancel and booking/cancellation report options.

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