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start a Web Hosting company

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There are lot of opportunities to make money online, One of the best and easy way is to Start a Web hosting company by your own. This will helps you earn fast cash while staying online.

Reason start your Own hosting company :

  • If you are a web developer and planning to provide the best design to the customers .
  • If you need to have many sub sites under your own Brand name.
  • If you have the best solution to make your site brand name Popular.
  • If you are planning to afford a service for better income.

This notes will help you on the right path to keep you encouraged.

To start your own web hosting company you need to acknowledge the following few things before you start a business.

Choosing the right domain name :

Starting a website you need choose a professional website name for your domain which suits your business profile. Domain name is an address for your website.

Choosing the right Server :

Choose the type of hosting you are going to provide, hosting is a server where you can store your website data, file , images and website contents. depends on the type of servers pricing will be vary. there are few most used servers are shared/virtual hosting,Dedicated hosting and Reseller hosting.

Shared hosting, which has only one server that can be shared by other website owners. cost is low because the servers is shared to others . this type of hosting is slower.

Dedicated hosting, this type of hosting provides the entire ownership of the server to single owner and could not be shared, faster server than other hosting. this also provide high level security service.

Reseller hosting, this package is similar to shared hosting with additional web hosting tools to control over the server to help resell your hosting space to your customers it is a small web hosting business. this type of hosting has better customer support.

before you choose the right hosting plan think above points mainly and come up with sold plan for your business.

Engage your pricing plan :

You have your web hosting storage, now plan your pricing for your hosting to the customers. it is right to check on your start up business competitors to plan your price. always think at a point to earn a profit while pricing.

Design your website :

Create an attractive and welcoming website for your customers to astonish. poor quality of your website makes the customer or visitor a bad encounter. Website is coded with HTML ,PHP MySql to display your design elements online. there are many software used to create a website. those have less programming knowledge in creating website there are many open source platforms to build your custom website which doesn’t require much programming knowledge.

Advertise your website :

without proper advertisement your website will never be expose online, with good marketing techniques leads to popularity for your site. there are many SEO techniques available online for best results.

Give your customer best support and service to keep your customer happy. these are the main far most important aspects of your web hosting company.

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