Flight Reservation System, Airline Reservation System, Online Flight Booking Script

Airline Reservation System, Flight Reservation System, Online Flight Booking Script

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Online bus booking have witnessed a huge spurt since January 2013, registering a growth of 185%. While the number of online bus bookings were 0.25 million in January, July recorded 0.72 million bookings. As Online BUS booking is picking up on high volumes these days, here is your best opportunity to start your own Online BUS booking website with minimum cost and competitive features. This industry is been untouched for several years and now all the BIG travel players are launching their services to grab the increasing market share.

The cutting edge technology @ dodbusbooking enables you to have a customized website on your own name/your own company name powered by real-time online BUS booking. This feature allows you the freedom to retain your identity through our DODBusBooking. This opportunity supports our Travel Affiliates by providing tailor-fit solutions enabling to run their businesses in the most competitive manner.

First do Marketing and develop your portal parallel, reduce your business risk with help of us, we are here to help you to provide the best solution based on your needs

Our solution features

  1. Booking Module :

    1. One way, Round trip search , Modify Search

    2. All smart filters

    3. Consolidating location names with multiple API / Operators and remove duplicates , send parallel threads to get results

    4. Remove duplicate buses from results and based on preference we can set default sorting like more commissions , rating etc

    5. Search results time each applicable bus should show cancellation policy, boarding point, dropping point, mTicketAllowed etc

    6. For Partners like Agents, Distributors show the commission % and net amount in search results only to know how much he will get before booking only

    7. Standard bus layout ( We will provide our features like name on seat )

    8. Customer data auto popup if he already existing customer even if not logged in also

    9. Payment page show summery and back to search results

    10. Any block failure auto sms to customers with the reason and helping

    11. Payment confirmation page with print, email, sms, cancel, insurance etc options

    12. Ticket confirmation sms, email will go to customer

  1. Cancellation module :

    1. Customers can visit and cancel the ticket, while cancel we will be showing clear refund details, incase customer used any discount coupon that discount amount has to deduct before refund

    2. Offline cancel / offline refunds by CC Team

    3. Auto refunds with the payment gateway status showing to customers in the ticket only

    4. SMS, Email should be placed and we can send reminder SMS ( after 3 days) to verify his bank account details after successful refund done

  2. Service cancel and arranged alternate seat module:

    1. Our system handled all the way, incase of service cancel either auto refund money and update the ticket status as service cancel, issue cash coupon, arrange a offline ticket and stopping refund etc.

    2. Incase service cancel by operator advance our system will send sms also to customers

  3. Payment gateway integration:

    1. So far we are supporting EBS Aggregator and also back up payment gateway like ICICI , we can up in case anyone down

    2. Where ever required payment details we have implemented all, like auto refunds, get the payment details, payment at booking time, insurance after booking, for partners like agents, distributors instant recharge etc..

  4. Insurance module :

    1. Our system allows before booking insurance selection and even after customer books ticket also any time customer can come and do payment for insurance, we handled offline insurance also during failures from insurance vendor

    2. auto emails will go for confirmation of insurance to customers and notification to cc team about failure of insurance and handle off line

    3. For cancel ticket since vendor does not have auto cancel process we are doing offline with the help of system auto generated emails about cancel request for insurance.

  1. Coupon module : we can create any type of discount coupons for our marketing purpose, even though whatever coupon given we can keep how much profit we want, refer below coupon types

    1. Individual

    2. Group

    3. Insurance

    4. Corporate

    5. Friends

    6. Next travel

    7. Location based

    8. Operator based

    9. One way, round trip

    10. Return ticket only

    11. Bus operator based

    12. Minimum seat fare limit

    13. For passenger wise or all passenger max limit

    14. One time coupon or how many times want to useful

    15. Valid from date and to date

    16. Max coupon value etc..

  2. Partners module :

    1. Agents

    2. Sub Agents

    3. Distributors

    4. Distributor agents

For all above partners will have beautiful dash board, recharge options (including Payment gateway), booking ,payment, subagent/distributor agent reports, balance alert, booking alert, all sms and email whatever we have and also logo upload options, address upload, these logo and address will go to eTicket and address and agency name will go to mTicket SMS many more options. Whatever we have everything will be provided and client can configure the pricing of all loginfee .

  1. Customer care module :

    1. Offline booking incase of booking failure for the same price or low and same criteria without deviating of customer, customer can login to his account and verify this offline booking also, we can say zero percentage of manual mistakes because of our fully automation of offline line bookings

    2. BTM (Booking Tracking Module): CC Team will be keep monitoring each operations done by online customers and our system will populate the required records to claim and cc team will claim the record and they are responsible to close the record.

Example: Customer try to book the ticket and he went to payment gateway page and not doing payment, immediately that record will be claimed by only one CC team person and he will call and help customer.

    1. CC Team does not require any technical team or production team support to handle. Our system developed such a way that we will show all the information starting from selected bus details to till cancel or refund including payment gateway request and response also so we are avoiding production team support and able to give quick response

Example: Let’s say customer trying book the seat but payment was failed from payment gateway, but customers will get sms from their bank saying that amount was deducted, here our cc team can view the actual what happened and immediately explain to customer with the proof also and send email or sms also in detail etc.

    1. CC Team can view today’€™s journey and do better service

    2. CC Team can send customized SMS, verify payment reference id details with our payment gate way login all should be done from this system only

  1. Complaint module :

    1. We developed fully automated system to clear any type of issues from customer side or from operator side or internally etc.

    2. Customers can view the complaint any time and get updates and responsible person details , what is the expected time to close etc

    3. We send email, sms etc while opening and closing in case the complaint from customers

    4. We strongly required this for audit purpose also because lets example one customer made a call for his service cancel, we should create a complaint for customer and automatically other complaint will create and email will go to our providers like API or Operator about refund details, so we will not lose one rupee from operators and also we should be able to refund customers money in-time

  2. Audit module :

    1. Our admin system has proper report of the audit and reports of how much commissions we got and what is profit after payment charge , we can get full details with mentioned below any criteria

Customer email, phone number, ticket status, failed booking, booking date, journey date, pnr, from location, to location, insurance tickets, auto refund status wise, customer type like register, no login, agent, subagent, distributor, distributor agent, operator name wise, api wise, from date and todate ( period) etc

    1. Admin application has great features like salient refunds to customers without login to payment gateway ( For online customers and for agents, distributors all parties incase of service cancel or any auto refund failures from system.

    2. Also creating internal complaint or follow-up mechanism was placed

  1. Transaction report module:

    1. While using this module we can see all partners (Agents, Distributors etc) individually payments reports for the given period

    2. While using this module we can see all partners (Agents, Distributors etc) individually booking reports for the given period

  2. Recharge module:

    1. We can update recharge balance with proper information as mentioned below or incase require we can remove the balance of partner like agent, distributors etc

  1. Amount

  2. Transaction no

  3. Payment type

  4. Payment date

  5. Received date

  6. Comments also default login information about who is updating.

    1. Once recharge done automatic emails and sms will go to partners about the details and including current balance also.

  1. Operator/ Api view and audit module

    1. We can maintain more than 4000 direct operators or api also even we should keep recharge to them and monitor at our side how much balance as per our bookings or cancel etc. with this module we can make sure our balance recharge money utilizing properly. We should believe our technology and never depends on third party.

    2. We can also view all details of operator/api and last recharge date and user also many more as mentioned below

  1. Last Recharge date

  2. Till now earned commission

  3. Contact person details like technical, recharge update, refunds, service cancel etc..

  4. Our system will send auto emails to operator or api about recharge we made to them at the time of update in our system, so no worry about manual follow up

  1. User Management :

    1. We can create CC Logins activate or deactivate etc

    2. We can create partner and do all settings

    3. We can update any partner plans or commissions individually based on requirement.

  2. Plan management :

    1. We can create the plans like fixed commission, dynamic commission, hybrid commission etc

    2. Update the plans and activation fee also etc.

  3. Locations names Management :

    1. Since our all third party giving junk locations and spelling changes and no control on them, so we developed a module that will be having invalid , valid location lists that map should be very critical for entire application.

    2. Example: One operator given Vishakapatanam id as 4, other visakapatanam given 234, some other visakhapatanam given 765 , all location names are correct but spellings are different with respective operators but we should get all operator data and API Data even customer selected one location name and we should not show all these locations to customers, so manual team require to automate entire process. Our dedicate team keep building Our own list with mapping all, removing list of junk.

  4. Bus operator level configuration module :

    1. We can configure active status ( if we make inactive customers will not find in search results itself), coupon is applicable or not, ratings etc

    2. If we have multiple api’s if we want one particular bus operator does not come from particular api even though more commission, these kind of configuration we can do here.

  5. Login module : Encrypted passwords for all users in our data base and single login sing on for partners even though partner logs in multiple tabs and maintain single session in the same browser while trying to book tickets 100% no issues while updating his balance or will not allow if no enough funds in his account

  1. Management module: Management should get daily , weekly, monthly auto report emails about below mentioned details

    1. Total number of bookings

    2. Total number new customers

    3. No of profile created by customers

    4. Partner bookings

    5. Failed booking count

    6. Cancel booking count

    7. Each and every section turn over

    8. Discount coupon wise how many bookings

    9. Operator wise / api wise count

    10. Total profit

    11. New partner count etc..

  2. Utility module :

    1. Live Chat from morning 7:00 AM to 2:00 AM

    2. Free call ( Within 15 seconds customer receive auto call and connect to Support team )

    3. Customer care number where as can handle 10 calls at a time

    4. Bus Tracking application

    5. Weather forecast

    6. 5 day seat calendar

  3. Transactional module :

    1. SMS Gateways with backup ( backup is mandatory based on industry)

    2. Email providers ( backup is mandatory based on industry)

    3. Payment gateway

  4. Server details :

    1. Dedicate servers

    2. High availability

    3. Daily house keeping activities and health checks.

  5. Customer care team :

    1. Fully trained dedicate /Shared basis support ( As per our agreement)

  6. Integration with your existing transaction database :

    1. We will integrate transactional details to your database if you expose services, we are here to integrate to your DB

    2. Contact Us:

      Email: info[at]doditsolutions.com

      Contact Number+91431 4000616/+91-9916627973

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